Plastic Industry

Bio compostable

As one of the leading companies in Egypt and the Arab countries since 2009, Al-Ahram company has taken upon itself the setup of eco- friendly plastic products and Al-Ahram Plastic produces eco-friendly plastic products of all kinds, the additives that convert normal plastics to a degradable plastic known as the Oxo- plastics,
in 2018. It has become the first company in Egypt and the Arab countries to produce bioplastic which is manufactured from potato starch derivatives from poly-lactic acid " PLA" raw materials. Egypt targets the local market and some Arab and African markets in Oxo products.
for bioplastic products (Which turns into a natural fertilizer when it decomposes) our target are European markets.
Al-Ahram company and the ministries of Industry and Environment contribute to promote environmental awareness towards the use of eco-friendly plastic raw materials to treat the problem of the presence of plastic in the environment and its non-decomposition.
Not only that, but the company's activities have extended to trading in additives, Oxo, training competing factories to operate this kind of eco-friendly plastic, and helping companies operating in this field to obtain the necessary quality certificates for that.
Bio compostable products (PLA), (Shopping bags, Garbage bags), this bags made from raw materials which produced from natural starch from Corn or Potato , this materials start decomposed within 6 month